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The truth is that the majority of adults today are not aware of what teens don’t know

… but, that’s about to change! 

Preview Book 1 Here and see what I’m talking about!  Read the introduction and check-out the first few questions. See if you don’t share concerns that teens (and tweens) may not have this knowledge. Then ask a few teens the questions provided and I’m sure you will want to read more.

L.I.F.E. (Learning Information For Everyday) is a three-part series that provides questions adults need to ask teenagers (or teens need to quiz themselves) to ensure there are no gaps in knowledge and skills they will need in daily existence. The goal being to equip adolescents so he/she can avoid embarrassment, consequences, and faux pas as they transition into the adult world.

Readers will find answers to the questions and the conversational text easy to read. The “Truth and Consequence” sections illustrate the relevance and importance of each topic presented. The “Story” sections are insightful and provide on-going humor while “Let It Go” suggests one less thing to fight about with teenagers today.

L.I.F.E.- Challenge Your Teen’s Basic Knowledge is the 1st book in the series and includes the topics of:

  • Warm-Up (misc. exercises to get the dialogue started)
  • Home Life (cooking, car maintenance, home repairs, healthcare)
  • Community (resources, public transportation, Chamber of Commerce)
  • Government (voting, government branches and terms)
  •  Study Habits (outlining, study practices, study environment) … AND MORE!

97 pages – $9.99/paperback OR $5.99/eBook

 Copyright 2015

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L.I.F.E. – Social Skills is the 2nd book in the series and includes the topics of:

Preview Book 2 Here

             Book 2-Available NOW!!


  •  General Etiquette
  • Personal Guidelines
  • Dining Protocol
  • Oral Communication
  • Written Correspondence

194 pages – $13.99/paperback OR $8.99/eBook

Copyright 2017



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Perfect for parents, grandparents, homeschooling, teachers, teen church groups, community organizations,

or anyone invested in the success of adolescents.

Dive in and see how ready teens are for LIFE or how much teaching still needs to be done!