Marriage is Work

On Real Talk today, the panel discussed marriage instead of parenting and unanimously decided marriage is work! And I added, “It should be.” As adults, we put a lot of effort and time into maintaining positive relationships with our friends and extended family. We give large amounts of kind words, thoughtfulness, understanding, and positive affirmation to … Read moreMarriage is Work

Challenge Your Teen’s Basic Knowledge (part X-laundry day)

Monday was always laundry day when I was a kid and as an adult, I too pull the dirty clothes to the washer every Monday. Funny how some of us create habits patterned after our parents while others develop a completely different approach. My daughter for instance, does laundry basically when she is out of … Read moreChallenge Your Teen’s Basic Knowledge (part X-laundry day)

Social Media Debate-Need Your Input

A friend shared this article . I felt it had some good points, although drawn out getting them across, I must warn. However, after reading it … I had to post the following comment for the author (I think I’m comment #41): “It always comes back to moderation. Whether we are talking about eating, drinking, sex, … Read moreSocial Media Debate-Need Your Input