Traditions for All Ages

Tradition: the handing down of beliefs, customs, behaviors, information, etc., from generation to generation. What are your traditions? Are they activities or more oral, in the form of story telling? It all counts, you know. Taking part in family rituals and habits, no matter how small or sometimes “silly” is a world wide phenomenon.  (And I am not … Read moreTraditions for All Ages

Challenge Your Teen’s Basic Knowledge (part II-cooking terms)

How did your teen do with their skill challenge from last week? Did you have some laughs as I predicted? I sure hope so. This week, I want to check on vocabulary related to cooking. Why? Because we ALL LOVE TO EAT! And although frozen food that can be microwaved or fast food from the drive-in … Read moreChallenge Your Teen’s Basic Knowledge (part II-cooking terms)

Challenge Your Teen’s Basic Knowledge (part I-home life skills)

Gosh there is a lot for adults to teach teenagers.  To start, there is all the academic concepts in school (glad teachers are taking care of that). Then we have current events, sports info, etiquette, manners, personal hygiene, life skills, employment skills, finance, and people skills (to name a few). And hard as we try, … Read moreChallenge Your Teen’s Basic Knowledge (part I-home life skills)

Social Media Debate-Need Your Input

A friend shared this article . I felt it had some good points, although drawn out getting them across, I must warn. However, after reading it … I had to post the following comment for the author (I think I’m comment #41): “It always comes back to moderation. Whether we are talking about eating, drinking, sex, … Read moreSocial Media Debate-Need Your Input

Cherokee Tribune Reports on L.I.F.E.

     LIFE book educates adults about teens by Kayla Elder      © 2016 02.03.16 – 09:19 pm Retired local high school teacher Beth Carey has taken on a new title as author. Her first book of a planned trilogy, “LIFE: Learning Information for Everyday,” was released in December. The book is for educating adults on … Read moreCherokee Tribune Reports on L.I.F.E.