As the busiest time of the year approaches, I want to pause and be thankful for all of it!  Yes, the cooking, decorating, shopping, wrapping, charity giving, social and work party obligations, and financial drain can be overwhelming. However, I am choosing to focus on the plus side of all this and be thankful … join me.

I am thankful that I have food and people that I can cook for and eat with (so many individuals are alone during the holidays). I am thankful that I have a home to decorate and lights to brighten my neighborhood. I am thankful that the gifts I wrap will bring happiness to someone and let them know I thought of them … regardless of the size or cost of the gift. Paying it forward is just the right thing to do and I am thankful that I have taught my children to be cognizant of their need to give to those that have less than we do. Social and work party obligations are not obligations … they mean we have jobs, co-worker to enhance of lives and teach us things, family/friends to share times and I am thankful that we all are taking time out of our busy lives to come together. I am thankful that the financial drain will not prevent me (or others) from participating in this time of year …

Additionally, I am thankful for our military who strive to make us safe as we watch football, go to the mall, attend holiday concerts, and live each day as “normally” as we can in a world that has hate and ignorance. And I pray for those in power to have the wisdom going forward to make things better for all.

Stop … take just 1-2 minutes … be thankful!

Make the most of your day!


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