Ready or not … it’s time for school!


This time of year has always been full of emotion for me … excitement for new beginnings and sad to see summer end. I know other teachers, students and parents feel the same. However, this year is a whole new level of emotion for everyone and so Atl & Co wanted to talk about it on Real Talk and I participated. Watch it here and note that there was 2 parts separated by a commercial break, so 2 links are needed to view and

Many good points surfaced on this zoom call, but unfortunately not everything could be aired due to program timing. So, I thought I’d share some additional points with you here …

If you have a child attending school In-Person, here are some tips to review with them (no matter the age) before they enter the school building.

  • wear a mask
  • wash hands & use sanitizer often
  • keep hands away from face
  • be kind to all employees at school & follow teacher directions always (this is new territory for them too)
  • social distance and keep hands to yourself
  • expect things to be different than in the past — and know it will be okay (a positive attitude by all is needed)
  • be ready to embrace change (change prepares a person for life, so consider this practice)
  • as a family, we will have lots of discussions about happenings during the day each evening, over dinner, etc. (kids will want to share and maybe even vent a little–make sure they know time will be allotted)
  • school is “your job” as a kid … be a team player and do your best each day

If your child is attending school Virtually, here is are some tips that could help you and your child (slight modifications may need made based on age):

  • act like you are going to the school building (get up at the same time each day, get dressed, have breakfast, etc.) — maybe even get a new school outfit 🙂
  • designate a “school area” in the home and prepare the environment (have books, writing implements, paper, desk/table, good lighting, comfortable chair at the correct height, etc. — have internet access available and a computer, tablet or phone)
  • remove all distractions (TV, younger children or pets, toys, social media, etc.) — think school classroom environment
  • create a plan of action and write it down (on paper, on a calendar, on a computer, on a white or chalk board) the subjects and assignments for the day based on school district execution of eLearning (ex: students may need to log-in at certain times of the day for certain classes, may have weekly teacher or class meetings, may have assignments listed online or available for pickup at schools with due dates, etc.) … schedule it all out with deadlines
  • note areas that teacher, parent (or older sibling) assistance maybe needed (mark it with an “H”) & independent work is to be done (marked with an “I”)
  • plan 10-15 minute breaks and a lunchtime
  • remember to schedule exercise and some time for fresh air

PATIENCE and HONEST COMMUNICATION will be the foundation for either learning environment so keep that in mind. As a parent, it is your job to set the tone and keep encouragement flowing. And remember children are resilient and can adapt to anything if the parameters are set-up for them to have success.

Also, please keep talking … to other parents, students, educators, and even me. I am here for you.

Make the most of your day!

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