It’s a Reality!

Amazon has the paperback book listed and anyone can buy it!   Tis the season for miracles, for sure!! (lol) 

Well, maybe not a true miracle, just seems like it to me. Two years in the making, but the dream has become a reality. L.I.F.E. is in print and not just in my head anymore. (The eBook version will be available 300 x 400soon as formatting that takes on a whole new dimension, I am learning.) However, there are 20 real, paper driven books on the way to my house and one can be on the way to yours. I must confess that with all the other holiday deliveries … I may not see them till the New Year, but so be it. Feels good to just know I will hold my book soon.

When you order, know that Amazon hasn’t loaded the book cover image yet. Apparently, the listing gets added in pieces (another thing I learned this week), but the purchasing power is LIVE! So, I encourage you to get a copy ordered anytime. (Click on the purchase tab above for a direct link.) I will be happy to sign it at any time.

Please let me know after you order one as I am eager to get some honest feedback … after all, I am working on book 2 (Challenge Your Teen’s Social Skills) and I am eager to make changes as needed.

Wishing everyone a blessed holiday season!

Make the most of your day!



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