Book Launch Party Afterthoughts

IMG_2994 IMG_3004“What exactly is a book launch party?” “Why would I need or want one?” “Who would come?” “Why would they come?” “Where should it take place?” “What food and drink should I serve?” “Really, do I gotta do this??” — this was me. Whining. Unsure. Not liking the idea of being the center of attention. Feeling shy (not like me, huh?).


All my concerns were unfounded and I am so thankful to those who pushed me to have a book launch party. I realize now this gathering wasn’t about me or the book. It was a tribute to the fantastic family and friends that have been put into my life. It was about how each have touched and enhanced IMG_3005my life and so many others. These men and women are true blessings to all who know them. These are the salt of the earth people. Anyone would be lucky to know these individuals because they are always there … no matter how many days or years between correspondence.

Co-workers from the SHS and CherokIMG_3002ee county family.  Friends from Chart Industries. Jac & Joe from The Cottage School (where I started my teaching career in Georgia). The McIntyre, Nelson, Stull, PIMG_3003izzuto, King, VanMeter, and North Atlanta Steeler Nation friends. Cathy, Tammy, Megan, and mom’s friends (Linda and Gail). My nephew Donnie and his clan. Mom and sister Linda (my worker bee/punch maker). My writer friends (Judy, Mary IMG_3007Helen, Sue, Kimberly) and my Tom, Ben, and Leah … all were there for support and celebration. I applaud you all!!! Thank you for being part of my life and letting me be part of yours!!!!

Make the most of your day!

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