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B&N w teens

Teens @ Barnes & Noble
Teens @ Barnes & Noble

With the on-slot of e-commerce and the ability to buy books (& most anything else, for that matter) on sites like Amazon, it was so refreshing to see all the people who visited Barnes & Noble at North Point Mall last Sunday. And what impressed me the most was the number of FAMILIES who came in. It was a such a pleasant surprise!

On a beautiful day in Atlanta, with the air warm (but not hot), the sky blue, and the sun bright … family after family came through the doors. It was Educators Appreciation Day, but the majority of guests were not teachers. The kids, from age 4 to 16, seemed genuinely excited to be in the bookstore and were eager to get to their sought out selection. Again, warming my heart and proving that many individuals still like to hold a book in their hands and not a “tablet” of sorts.

Maybe my extraordinary enjoyment Sunday came from memories ofB&N educ table my mother-in-law (who was a librarian)  always touting how wonderful a book felt in your hands. Or maybe watching people buying a hard back or paperback book to hold is similar to how my husband and I feel about picking up the newspaper from the end of the driveway. (To hell with the ink making our hands black! We like the sound of crinkling paper as you turn the page.) But I know I definitely thrived on the helpful and friendly staff that interacted with many of the patron at the bookstore and with me, as an author signing books. The why doesn’t really matter, I just wanted to share my observation that Bookstores are Alive & Well … check it out and let me know if you agree!!

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