Challenge Your Teen’s Basic Knowledge (part VII-senators)

In your state, how many U.S. Senators are there?

Did you pause yourself? Sure we all learned this in school, but we don’t think about it often so we tend to pause. I guess if someone in the family is in the political arena and running for such a position we reply more quickly, but otherwise — we pause.

So, ask your teens and see if their recall is quicker. After all, they learned this in social studies class much more recently than you.And so no one has to look the answer up to be sure, I will tell you the answer is 2 … for a total of 100 in the United States. These government officials are elected and may remain in office for six years. Can anyone name one of their state’s US senators for extra credit?

With the presidential election in the news everyday, it is a good time to re-teach and start discussing the whole process of a democratic government. Keep an open mind if political platforms and issues come up … remember teens are exploring, learning, and have a right to their own opinions.

Make the most of your day!

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