30-year Old Checklist … Seriously?

Back in September, I had Live! with Kelly & Michael playing in the background while I did some kitchen chores. They started talking about the “30-year Old Checklist” and I was drawn to the family room to sit down and watch with full attention. One by one, Kelly started to list the things that every 30-year old should be able to do … seriously?  In my mind, if you can’t do these things before the age of 30, there is a problem and that was the take from the show hosts too. (You can imagine Kelly and Michael’s comments!) Check out this list and let me know what you think …

  • change a tire (Shouldn’t that be learned at 16 when you start to drive?)
  • cook one signature dish (If you eat, learn to cook!)
  • calculate a tip (There’s an app if you can’t do the math … come on!)
  • create a monthly budget (A skill to learn with your first allowance distribution, babysitting job, or paycheck from a part-time job.)
  • effectively pack luggage (With everyone “carrying-on” a bag on airplanes, this is crucial!)
  • mend clothing (Use to be learned in middle school consumer science class which is not offered much anymore, so I could see this one being tough if a mom or grandmother doesn’t teach you, but there are YouTube videos.)
  • repair a pipe (Big job! I’ll give them this one.)
  • assemble an emergency kit (Boy/Girl Scout skill or a little common sense???)
  • mix a signature cocktail (I laughed at this one, but probably valid.)

Seven of these nine skills are discussed in one of my L.I.F.E. series books for TEENAGERS TO KNOW. I don’t think you can wait another decade to master these things, do you?

I’ll give the creator of the list the “repair a pipe” because that was a big one. I can’t do that myself, but I do know how to turn off the main water valve in the house, so that helps (and I did put locating the valve in book 1). Now “mixing a signature cocktail” … a good skill to have after 21 and not a skill needed to be listed in L.I.F.E. for teenagers. However, I bet many teens can make a good drink from practice gained while mixing one for a parent or adult in their life (cause we know they never drink themselves-that’s illegal).

Anyway, I have had this list in my possession for awhile now and thought I would share today. Do a mental checklist yourself … regardless of your age and then check to see if someone you know who is younger has mastered this list. If not, start teaching them now … 30 is too late!

Make the most of your day!


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