What’s in Your Wallet?

If you lost your wallet today, could you list everything that was in it?


The amount of money isn’t really the crucial thing, although you may feel that way. What is important is that each individual knows what is in their wallet in case it is stolen or misplaced. So, pose this question to the teens you know. I bet they haven’t given it a thought.

Then, perhaps together, make a list of all debit and credit cards (and the account numbers), insurance cards, work/school identification cards, driver’s license number, etc. found within your wallets. And/or make a photo copy of the important items as an easy way to keep a record of the contents for the future (just don’t forget to place it in a secure spot). And remember not to judge what random things a young person deems important to carry within his/her wallet when you do this activity.

Encourage adolescents to get into the good habit of storing a wallet in the same place each day (especially for guys, as girls typically keep their wallet in a purse). A stolen wallet makes one an easy target for identity theft and is a painstaking occurrence to resolve, so be aware of its location at all times. I can’t stress enough the importance of never keeping passwords, bank account numbers, or a social security card in a wallet and carry only what is needed. Please share my words with the younger generation and clean out your wallet if needed!

Make the most of your day!

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