Challenge Your Teen’s Basic Knowledge (part XI-ironing & sewing)

Recognize this? It's an Ironing Board!
Recognize this? It’s an Ironing Board!

Ironing and sewing … not just for the Leave It to Beaver mom, June Cleaver to do. Our teenagers need to learn how to darn socks, sew on a button, hem pants and iron clothing. Yes, a person can outsource these menial tasks, but why? Not one of these tasks takes more than 10 minutes to do and the supply list is very short. Heck, these “chores” can even be done while watching TV!

YouTube videos are extremely helpful in teaching these skills, so why not use them. Here are a few I found in 2 minutes, but there are many more:


Sewing on a Button

9 Hand Stitches

I guess being like one of my college roommates who would use masking tape to hem her pants, isn’t the end of the world. She would just reapply the tape after each washing which allowed for shoe height differences.  Overall, wasn’t very effective so I’m suggesting you take a minute and teach some basic stitches and how to use an iron—–the kiddos will benefit in the long run.

Make the most of your day!

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