Reunite with Family & Friends

I probably should be ashamed of how long it has been since I blogged. However, I have decided NOT to be because my time away from the computer has been so worthwhile.  This is what I want to share that with all my readers as we enter this week of Thanksgiving.

See, I have had the most wonderful 2 months reuniting with family and friends that have lived apart frimg_4087om me for 30+ years. And although over the years we have had the occasional get together, the meetings of late have been genuinely sweeter than ever before! I believe this is two-fold … first, because everyone put work, committments, chores, and cell phones aside … we all committed to spend time together! Secondly, becasue time involved quality and quantity efforts by all … from long evenings to extended weekends.

It has been so wonderful getting a call at 7:30 am to have lunch with my brother and cousin just to chew the fat over a sandwich that same day … and going. Having family, with ages ranging from 10 to 74, all packed into one condo for dinner, tree lightings, and firework shows. Eating homemade chili in a parking lot with my college roommate (and her husband) before a football game. Then freezimg_4092ing in the same stadium, despite sharing a blanket, with different childhood friends the following weekend similar to how we did it many years ago while camping together.

Gimg_4037oing to dinner with brother-in-laws and sisters-in-laws in the old haunts of their youth and taking walks in some new places to appreciate the changing leave colors. Stopping to enjoy a large cappucino and playing cards with many. Gathering with my mom’s best friends, their daughters, and even one more generation to cheer and commiserateover our favorite pro football team. Listening to music at low and high volimg_3922umes. Having my own kids leave their busy adult lives to come visit for a weekend and hang with dear old mom and dad.

So see … there is no need for guilt or distress about not blogging. My time was more than well spent. It was a wise choice on my part. Memories created and old memories re-created. I reached out to people I have lost touch with or haven’t seen in awhile and they reached back. Reunited! 

As Thanksgiving day approaches, take time to reunite with family and friends. Turn off the cell phones. Step outside your comfort zone and force the kids to do the same. Talk. Play a game or cards. Take a walk. Go see some holiday decorations in town. Cook something together and throw caution to the wind when the kitchen is a mess as a result. Reach out. Unplug. Do a craft project or color. Just be together. Be thankful for that time. Create some memories and re-create some. And did I say, talk?

You won’t regret it!!

Make the most of your day!


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