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                            Kristine and Me          

Aahhh … the bright lights of showbiz! http://bit.ly/PTLshow There is nothing quite like it! The woman behind the camera, the hostess with the perfect makeup and hair, the couch with the big visual board behind your head, the mic set clipped to your britches and the nervous pit in your stomach …

That was me on February 6th. Sitting on the white couch and talking with Kristine Sorensen (the hostess of PTL) while the camera taped our every word. Sure wish I could of been more eloquent at times. Would have liked to work into the conversation the fact that I do speaking engagements and workshops related to my books. And now that I saw the segment, I sure would like to change some of my facial expressions too! (LOL) However, I had fun! I totally enjoyed the experience of taping a segment for the show and was shocked to find out that morning that it would air the next day due to a cancellation from the “cooking lady.”

I feel so fortunate to have received the exposure for L.I.F.E. – Social Skills and it’s launch onto the market that same week. And to do it in my old hometown of Pittsburgh–WOW!  I would like to thank all the friends and family in the Burgh who watched and recorded it.

If you missed it or are outside that viewing area, try this link and see what you think. They invited me back to do another spot in July. You tell me if you think I should after clicking on this link and watching  … PTL Show-Feb. 7, 2017

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