Prom Time!

In honor of the Atl & Co segment airing April 24th (NBC: 11 – 12:30) with Etiquette Tips for Prom, I thought I ‘d quickly blog on the same subject.

Prom is a monumental occasion in the life of a teen! Whether a teens goes with a long-time boy/girlfriend, someone he/she just started dating, or a group friends … the evening involves a lot of pre-planning, effort, and money. And everyone wants it to be PERFECT!!

Here are a few tips to ensure that happens:

  1.  Plan for pictures that allow all loved ones that want to be there … to be there.
  2. Make sure to do introductions for those who do not know each other. Always say most important person’t name first. Example: “Mom, this is Mark Jones from my math class.” (Note: Mom is more important and has higher status than a date or classmate-always!)
  3. Be prepared to shake hands after introductions.
  4. Corsages and boutonnieres go on the left side of the chest (over the heart) with stem pointed down. (If female dress has no straps or spaghetti straps, the corsage can be go on the waist, purse or wrist.)
  5. Men should offer an arm to a date – this is polite and offers a lady in heels some stability.
  6. Men should open doors for the ladies (any female they come across, not just a date) and pull out chairs at the restaurant to assist the ladies when being seated. Then seat themselves.
  7. Dining tips:
    1. As soon as seated, napkin goes on your lap. (In very fine establishments, the waiter may assist in placing the napkin for you.)
    2. Cell phones are to be put on silent and stored out of sight (pocket, purse, floor, etc.)–never put a cell phone on a table.
    3. Ladies order first (and remember to order only what you can realistically eat).
    4. Glasses for each individual are to the right of the entree plate.
    5. The bread plate is to the left of the entree plate.
    6. Use outermost silverware first and work towards plate as the courses progress.
    7. A used napkin is placed to the left of the plate when the meal is over. Never put napkin on plate.
    8. Remember your to use words like please, thank you, yes sir, etc.
    9. Tip 18-20%.
  8. When meal is over, men should assist ladies again by pulling out their chair and then following behind them to the door.

Once at the venue, teens should be social with all their classmates — after all,  this night is to celebrate all the years spent together. Dance, laugh, take pictures, and make memories! PERFECT!

Make the most of your day!

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