Atl & Co.- Summer Jobs Round Table

With comedian Hank Denson

I participated in another great discussion on Atl & Co today. What was your first job and when should kids be expected to start working? — The earlier the better according to this 11 Alive panel. Click on this link to see what I mean: Atl & Co. Round table -Summer Jobs

Here is a list of some of the top reasons to get your kids off the couch and doing something productive this summer:

  1. teaches responsibility, dedication, & work ethic
  2. monetizes possible passions by helping determine types of careers, tasks, and environments they might like and those they will hate
  3. forms all kinds of work skills (those even as basic as punching a time clock and taking orders from others)
  4. exposures them to different management styles & co-worker personalities
  5. starts them on the path to financial independence
  6. forces them to think about something other than themselves (as well as gets them out of your hair for awhile – lol)
  7. builds resume’, networking skills, & confidence

Yes, they will whine … but in the end they will be better off and may even thank you one day!

Make the most of your day!

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