Hello World … Here I Go!

The day has come. It’s mid-September … sounds like a good time to get started. I’mWeb Large actually feeling a bit shy, but starting this blog is well over-due.

Those who know me, have already laughed at my “shy” comment. Not exactly a typical character trait for me. I’ve never been one who is at a loss for words, ever meet a stranger, or allows a lull in conversation to last long enough to create an awkward moment. So, why am I feeling “shy” about publishing a blog, you ask? Not sure.
I have much to share regarding the things I learned throughout my career with teenagers and just wonder if anyone is willing and able (cause everyone is busy, I know) to embrace and benefit from what I have to say. Maybe shy isn’t the correct description, maybe for the first time in a long while, I’m just a little nervous about this new adventure I have engaged in since retiring from teaching in 2013.

In fact, most days I ask myself, “Why did you get yourself into writing a book? Do you really want to dive into this social media frenzy? Why didn’t you just volunteer at the hospital, become a substitute teacher or just lay around and eat bon-bons all day?”. Those are all good options to fill my time, right? But NOOOOOOO!! I realized the last few years of teaching that I needed to increase awareness of adults who spend time with teens and share what I learned working with these young adults.

My desire is to help adults “check” to make sure that teens have basic, social, and independent readiness skills before they enter the adult world full-time, is now a reality. Hence, I have stretched my boundaries and joined a writer’s group. I’ve been plugging away at writing part-time as I thought of this journey as a hobby. Now that the book is almost finished, I realize it’s quickly becoming more like I have a job again. (Good grief!)

The fact that I taught marketing and business courses for 30 years hasn’t prepared me for the social media that runs the world today. But, I’m going to go for it! I’m jumping right in, asking for help from anyone who will give it and going to send out my first blog post today.  Feel free to share and comment back … and make the most of your day!

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