Shame on You for Shaming Others

Today on Real Talk, we discussed Parent Shaming which led to all kinds of examples of shaming (breast feeding, disciplining, Pinterest, food, etc.). And yes, we started our discussion by addressing the shaming that takes place on the social media platforms. However, shaming can be a suspect glance, an eye roll, or an unsolicited comment by a total stranger or someone you know very well (I know you understand exactly what I am saying). Funny how some people can witness a sliver of a person’s life and think they have the right to judge and categorize that whole person and their lifestyle. My question is “Who left you as the supreme ruler of all things good?”

Watch Real Talk:Parent Shaming 3/7/18  and decide what your take is on those who consistently want to judge your actions and how you choose to live your life. My feeling is that unless I am doing something seriously hurtful or dangerous to another human being OR I have asked for your input … keep your negative thoughts, body language, and words to yourself. What do you think?

Make the most of your day!

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