Discipline vs Punishment

On Real Talk today we discussed parent-shaming as a way of disciplining children. Have you seen these attempt to shame kids into behaving properly? Seriously??? What are parents trying to prove with posting their discipline strategies to the world?

My point is this … parents need to parent … not befriend their kids. This involves teaching and demonstrating what is acceptable. Discussion and role modeling need to take place. If we, as adults, post negative things online related to our children, all we are doing is demonstrating what NOT to do on social media. Is there any proof that posting parental punishments that humiliate a young person has any positive effect on behavior? I doubt it, but am willing to listen if someone has data to show me otherwise.

The way a parent chooses to punish a child for their lack of judgment is a private matter. And if we are to role model appropriate behaviors online, why would anyone post something like this?  

Furthermore, discipline and punishment aren’t the same thing. Discipline is an act of training. A parent needs to start early and teach their children how to behave… that is, give them the knowledge to know how to act and hold them consistently to this higher standard. This training starts with verbal correction. Then, if a child fails to learn proper actions for an activity, then consequences will and should follow. Punishment is a negative word that needs to be the natural fall out when discipline does not occur (i.e., a consequence).

Weigh in with your thoughts after watching Real Talk on Atl & Co 4/11/18.

Thanks Amy, Christine and Cara for putting this topic out there for discussion.

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