Do your kids respect you?

Do kids really disrespect their parents (and adults in general) more today than in the past? I think to a degree, they do. This phenomenon, I believe, stems from several factors … the #1 being that the parent/child relationship has changed over the years. Many parents strive to be friends with their children instead of role models, disciplinarians, and decision makers. Hence, kids today think they are on the same level and playing field as the adults in their lives. Some parents “consult” their kids when making decisions and many single parents unfortunately use their children as sounding boards in the absence of a co-parent. Additionally, kids today tend to talk to parents in the same fashion that they are talked to … more like equals and sometimes that comes off as disrespectful. And in my mind, it is. BUT, I can’t put all the blame on the youngsters.

In contrast, when I was grew up, my parents weren’t interested in being my friend. (They had enough friends that were their own age-lol) How about you? It was very clear that my parents were in charge and I was the underdog. I was required to use manners and ask for things, in a non-demanding way. My parents never used foul language in front on me and I was to follow suit. Consequences came quick and serious when my tone or actions were not appropriate. Yet, I knew they loved me very much and the respect was mutual as I grew into adulthood. Today things seem much more relaxed and a variety of behaviors are tolerated, it seems.

So, do think your kids respect you?  Check out our Atlanta and Company Real Talk discussion on this subject and as always, feel free top comment.Real Talk: Kids Disrespecting Parents (5/22)

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