Queen Bee Moms

There always has been and always will be Queen Bee Moms. They serve a purpose in our society and how we choose to deal with them (or if we choose to be one ourselves) has pros and cons, just like all personality characteristics.

Real Talk this week addressed some of the actions and attitudes one can take when it comes to getting along with the moms of our children’s friends.  Real Talk:Queen Bee Moms (7/5/18)

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts so don’t hesitate to comment. And while you are at it, do you think dads deal with the same issues??

Personally, I think men have cliques and don’t always openly invite newcomers to join in (as do the women). But, I will say that in my experience, men are quicker to let things go and don’t play the “mean girl” game like women do. And men don’t need to discuss/gossip all about another person’s behavior like the females do. Hmmmm … could I finally learn something from the other species after all? (haha … just joking around folks)

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