Should Teachers Give Zeros? Is Homework too Much?

As a retired teacher of 30 years, this subject is not new to me. And to be perfectly honest, because of first hand observations and lots of chats with other educators, my opinions have wavered some through the years … or maybe they have evolved.  Anyway, as a firm believer in teaching responsibility and the concept that a person must earn what they receive as a crucial life skill, I support the “no work, no grade” philosophy. However, there is more to it than that. You will hear me say in this segment of Real Talk … teachers (including those NOT in a classroom, but who are teaching lessons to their own children or grandchildren) the goal is for skills to be mastered and knowledge to be gained. Take a look  Real Talk – Giving zeros and homework

As far as homework goes, it is important if it reinforces a concept introduced in class. Practice does make perfect  … or at least practice makes us somewhat better …while teaching discipline. Study skills have to be developed, they don’t just happen and homework is a little life lessons for adulthood too. It prepares young people for the harsh reality that one isn’t going to get away with just doing 7-8 hours of work a day, even as an adult. Just like adults must do things after work, they too must follow-up and do school work after they get home (school should be like a job for them). Life isn’t all free time for fun and games, so get use to it. (ohhhh … the truth is hard hitting and real, huh? Sometimes the work seems like it is never done … as a kid and as an adult — lol)

Make the most of your day!

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