Social Media & Mental Health

The effects of social media on our society has been the prevalent “hot topic” throughout the last year. All the research points to seriously negative effects of not moderating use of social media (especially for our young folks) … but it doesn’t seem to be changing our behaviors.

So, again I participated in a panel on Atlanta & Company’s Real Talk to raise awareness. MAYBE … just maybe … if we keep talking about it, change will come!

I look at it like wearing seat belts. When I was a kid, we never wore seat belts. The media kept telling us we should “buckle up” and the lawmakers said we must wear them, so finally change occurred. Now, the masses don’t even think about moving in a car without strapping everyone in.

Here’s our comments from Friday, … check them out, comment, and let’s start buckling up for SANITY when it comes to social media use.

Make the most of your day!

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