Raising Strong Women

What can we as adults do to help our young ladies become strong women?

WOW! Love this topic!

Strong Women of
Real Talk
Amy Lyle, Nyssa Green, Christine Pullara Newton
April 23, 2019

Real Talk today dove in (http://bit.ly/RTraisingstrongwomen) and came up with some solutions, but I’d like to add a few more (that can apply to boys too-FYI):

  • rock who you are & role model that for those younger
  • avoid drawing comparisons among siblings, cousins, friends, etc.
  • remove the word perfect from everyone’s vocabulary (there is no such thing)
  • use positive words around young people
  • make things not just about appearances
  • let kids lead activities (adults don’t have to always be in complete charge)
  • encourage non-stereotype career paths (ex: men can be nurses and women can be engineers)
  • assist and encourage positions of leadership at school & in the community
  • have children practice speaking with adults on the phone and face-to-face (ex: call coach to say he/she is sick & can’t make practice; practice making introductions; engage in small talk)
  • celebrate success, big or small (notice I said celebrate … not pay for)
  • hold family meetings to discuss family decisions & give everyone a voice (ex: where to go on vacation; should we get a pet; weekend chores & who is responsible for what) — of course, parents get the final say in what goes down
  • allow kids to go to and have sleepovers starting at an early age … start with relatives & move to friends (great independence builder)

Make the most of your day!

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