Teachers need parents to not …

Atl & Co’s Real Talk panelists dipped our toes into the biggest pet peeves of teachers when it comes to behaviors of student’s parents (i.e., what parents should not do, please). I say, “dipped our toes” because we could have spent a lot more time discussing this important topic.

Anyway, we concentrated on the parental do’s and don’ts when your child comes home and is upset about something that happened in the classroom or about a grade. However, there is more to this topic as we all know.

I would like to thank all the educators (and those who aren’t teachers, but are thankful for us daily) that weighed in on my Facebook page today — soooooooo many good points!! I encourage you to check it out and add to it.

Thanks Cara for listening intently.

I believe the biggest take away from today is to remember that parents need to let students learn to take ownership for their behaviors, grades, relationships, etc. This will ensure a child can handle unpleasant situations in the future and advocate for themselves in adulthood. I know it is hard when your baby is unhappy and even distraught to not promise to “fix things”, but you want to avoid adding fuel to the fire. Always use respect and ask how you can help the teacher … this ultimately helps the child.

Watch the segment by clicking here … http://bit.ly/RTteachersandparents

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