It’s Never Wrong to Do the Right Thing

If you are looking for a movie that makes you laugh while giving you a greater appreciation of both the younger and older generations, go see The Intern with Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway. My 22 year old daughter and I went recently and we truly enjoyed it.  It is a great reminder that young people can learn a lot from the older generation. Take this clip demonstrating the value of the good old handkerchief that gentlemen use to carry in case a lady needed it.  My husband frequently tells the story of his mom also carrying a “hanky” which she never hesitated to take out before church, spit on, and wipe any dirt or from her children’s faces. Loved that woman!

The movie does go both ways. Check out this clip I know my children and my students have helped me over the years with internet and computer related things. (Heck, I still struggle with the TV cable and remote at times!) And there is still so much to learn from this younger population! Who taught you? Isn’t the younger generation just amazing when it comes to technology? My great niece, at the age of 4, took my cell phone, opened my photos without assistance, and asked why there wasn’t more pictures of her in there — Oops! Bad Aunt B!

There are so many good messages in this movie about dressing for success, the importance of being on time (or early), having someone’s back, using manners, email etiquette, and just LIFE at all stages.  Ben (Robert De Niro’s character) puts “It’s never wrong to do the right thing” as his favorite motto on his Facebook page. I loved that! Wouldn’t it be great if everyone adopted the same motto and lived by it?

And even if you don’t see the movie for the messages it provides, I think you will treasure the escape and humor. Go see this movie … it is the “right thing” to do. Let me know what you think.

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  1. Who do I depend on for technological assistance? I have never been able to make my Smartphone do the smart things it’s advertised to do. Before retirement, my “go to” for adding contacts, finding the internet, etc on my phone was to go to the lobby of my office where there were always teenagers. I’d just pick one, sit down next to them and tell them my Smartphone issues. They’d help me out, shake their heads in wonder that I was so clueless and give me a smile and send me on my way. Now that I’ve retired, I just go to the Verizon store, where savvy adults shake their heads in wonder that I’m so clueless, smile and send me on my way. Reactions have not changed, just where I go for a pat on my head. I don’t know what I’d do without the younger generation!


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