Forgot to Share Signing Event

Been so busy, I forgot to share some pictures from the Self-Published & Small Press Author Open House at Book Exchange in  Marietta. Gosh, people are so much fun even on a rainy, election day evening. Heard from 8 other authors and wish I had time to read every book. Cat Blanco (owner of Book Exchange) … Read more

Since when is a teacher desk NOT off limits?

I don’t usually choose to rant in a blog, but I can’t help myself today. Have you heard about the teacher in Union County, SC? The 13-year veteran was forced to resign after a 16-year old student took her cell phone off her desk, took pictures of her private pictures, and shared them on social media. The … Read more

Social Media Debate-Need Your Input

A friend shared this article . I felt it had some good points, although drawn out getting them across, I must warn. However, after reading it … I had to post the following comment for the author (I think I’m comment #41): “It always comes back to moderation. Whether we are talking about eating, drinking, sex, … Read more

Cherokee Tribune Reports on L.I.F.E.

     LIFE book educates adults about teens by Kayla Elder      © 2016 02.03.16 – 09:19 pm Retired local high school teacher Beth Carey has taken on a new title as author. Her first book of a planned trilogy, “LIFE: Learning Information for Everyday,” was released in December. The book is for educating adults on … Read more

Book Launch Party Afterthoughts

“What exactly is a book launch party?” “Why would I need or want one?” “Who would come?” “Why would they come?” “Where should it take place?” “What food and drink should I serve?” “Really, do I gotta do this??” — this was me. Whining. Unsure. Not liking the idea of being the center of attention. … Read more

Sharing Pride

Being a teacher is much like being a parent sometimes. A teacher prepares for a student arrival like a parent plans for a baby. They decorate their room, they buy supplies, they set goals, they get nervous, and they dream … dreams for health, happiness and success for that child. Like a parent, teachers educate, … Read more

Talk to Teens

I have never had trouble talking to anyone! My family is amazed how I can strike up a conversation with a total stranger on an airplane or in line at the grocery store and know their life story in short order. I’d rather eat a bug than play the “silent game”.  My mom said that … Read more

Give Experiences … Not Things

Loved the message in this article – As I think about it more … this is the underlining message within my philosophy and my book. If we spend more time talking with adolescents and sharing life’s experiences with them, then they will receive a gift more valuable than they know. Of course, this means that … Read more