LIFE 101

My brother-in-law tagged me on Facebook the other day with a post asking for opinions on whether “every High School should offer a Mandatory Class called ‘Life 101’ which is the basic crap you should know before you turn 18” (via  I didn’t even have to scroll to read more before replying “YES! YES! … Read more

Hurdle 500 … Completed!

Ok … not 100% sure that my hurdle count of 500 is correct.  It feels like an infinite number of hurdles have come and gone over the past two years as I wrote this book. However, today’s accomplishment was so huge that I felt like it should be counted with some kind of number … … Read more

Hello World … Here I Go!

The day has come. It’s mid-September … sounds like a good time to get started. I’m actually feeling a bit shy, but starting this blog is well over-due. Those who know me, have already laughed at my “shy” comment. Not exactly a typical character trait for me. I’ve never been one who is at a … Read more