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L.I.F.E.INDEPENDENCE READINESS (3rd book in the series)

  • After High School
  • Employment
  • Personal Finance
  • Travel

304 pages – $14.99/paperback OR $9.99/eBook (Copyright 2020)

L.I.F.E.- Challenge Your Teen’s Basic Knowledge (1st book in the series)
  • Warm-Up (misc. exercises to get the dialogue started)
  • Home Life (cooking, car maintenance, home repairs, healthcare)
  • Community (resources, public transportation, Chamber of Commerce)
  • Government (voting, government branches and terms)
  • ┬áStudy Habits (outlining, study practices, study environment) … AND MORE!

97 pages – $9.99/paperback OR $5.99/eBook (Copyright 2015)

L.I.F.E. – Social Skills (2nd book in the series)

  • General Etiquette
  • Personal Guidelines
  • Dining Protocol
  • Oral Communication
  • Written Correspondence

194 pages – $13.99/paperback OR $8.99/eBook (Copyright 2017)

Perfect for parents, grandparents, homeschooling, teachers, teen church groups, community organizations, or anyone invested in the success of adolescents.


L.I.F.E. (Learning Information For Everyday) is a three-part series providing questions that teenagers need to be able to answer to ensure there are no gaps in life knowledge and skills. The goal is to equip adolescents so he/she can avoid embarrassment, consequences, and faux pas as they transition into the adult world.

As this picture demonstrates, icons are used to identify the Questions, Answers, Stories, Notes, and Let It Go parts of the content. Additionally, the conversational text makes it easy to read and use for all ages. Best used by adults and teens together, but teens can certain self-quiz.

Dive in and see how ready teens are for LIFE!

********************************************* EVENT MEMORIES *****************************************

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Girlsfriends Market April 2019
Pittsburgh Today Live … Kristine and Me 2/13/17
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Real Talk on Atl & Co 8-20-19
Real Talk 7-9-19
FoxTale Book Shoppe 4/2/16


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Atl & Co Segment Getting Ready For School
Cara … the Super Student!???? 8/6/18
Prom Etiquette
Cara is such a sweetie!
Book Exchange Customers … I’m ready!
Addressing the Georgia WBL/YAP Educators at their statewide conference. I miss being a teacher! 11/17/17
Real Talk on Parent Shaming
Unplug 12/21/17
Barnes & Noble Book Signing 4/21/16
Spring Craft Bazaar with Marilyn 3/24/16
Real Talk Oct. 2017
Thank you Woodstock Dwarf House — Ron, Anna & Donna you did a great job! 5/13/16
6/13/16 Set-up & ready for Lavender Festival guests!