School Progress Check on Atl & Co

School Progress Check on Atl & Co Online access to our children’s grades have made checking possible on a daily basis … but do we check often enough? Do we check on how things are going that are not academic? I would say checking grades daily is a bit obsessive, but with the  4 1/2 … Read more


Here are the 7 Back to School Tips that Christine Pullara & I tried to cover today on Atl & Co, but ran short of time. BACK TO SCHOOL TIPS for Parents & Kids Get Excited & Prepare Talk it up with positive words Pick out new clothes De-clutter rooms by going through old clothes … Read more

Gift Etiquette Discussed on Atl & Co

Graduation is upon us. What to give? How much to give? Can I afford ALL these gifts with wedding season too? Of course, the perfect GRADUATION gift is one (or both) of the L.I.F.E. books! Then maybe hide some cash within that the recipient only finds IF they open the pages to read it – … Read more

Prom Time!

In honor of the Atl & Co segment airing April 24th (NBC: 11 – 12:30) with Etiquette Tips for Prom, I thought I ‘d quickly blog on the same subject. Prom is a monumental occasion in the life of a teen! Whether a teens goes with a long-time boy/girlfriend, someone he/she just started dating, or a … Read more

Social Skills-Thank You Notes

Had my birthday yesterday and sat down today to send some thank you notes for the gifts I received. Does anyone else do that any more? My parents MADE ME send thank you notes when I was a kid. I then followed suit and can recall saying to my kids, “If you are not grateful … Read more

Don’t be a Twit on Twitter

Social media. Curse or blessing? Good or bad invention? Well, guess the answer depends on who you ask. Personally, I am not a huge fan of social media. I disagree with using it as a personal brag book or as an easy way to say things you wouldn’t have the guts to say face to … Read more