Sharing Pride

Being a teacher is much like being a parent sometimes. A teacher prepares for a student arrival like a parent plans for a baby. They decorate their room, they buy supplies, they set goals, they get nervous, and they dream … dreams for health, happiness and success for that child. Like a parent, teachers educate, … Read more

Talk to Teens

I have never had trouble talking to anyone! My family is amazed how I can strike up a conversation with a total stranger on an airplane or in line at the grocery store and know their life story in short order. I’d rather eat a bug than play the “silent game”.  My mom said that … Read more

Give Experiences … Not Things

Loved the message in this article – As I think about it more … this is the underlining message within my philosophy and my book. If we spend more time talking with adolescents and sharing life’s experiences with them, then they will receive a gift more valuable than they know. Of course, this means that … Read more


As the busiest time of the year approaches, I want to pause and be thankful for all of it!  Yes, the cooking, decorating, shopping, wrapping, charity giving, social and work party obligations, and financial drain can be overwhelming. However, I am choosing to focus on the plus side of all this and be thankful … … Read more

A Peak Into L.I.F.E.

Time has gotten away from me these last 2 weeks and I must apologize for not blogging. To make-up for “my bad”, I have decided to give a little peak into L.I.F.E. – Challenge Your Teen’s Basic Knowledge. Hope you enjoy. Learning Information For Everyday is set-up to be an easy to use resource for … Read more