Teaching Work Ethics

Loved the Real Talk panel discussion this week because not everyone agreed on all the points … which means more ideas for parents and mentors who were watching. If you missed it, take a look here http://bit.ly/RTWorkEthic Make the Most of Your Day! Twitter Pinterest Facebook https://www.instagram.com/beth_life_/

Navigating Friendships

Navigating friendships at any age can be tricky, but for our kids it can be a real learning curve. As parents and adult mentors, is there anything we can and should be doing? Real Talk dove into this yesterday and here is what was said … http://bit.ly/RTNavigatingFriendships What do you think? Make the most of … Read more

Teachers need parents to not …

Atl & Co’s Real Talk panelists dipped our toes into the biggest pet peeves of teachers when it comes to behaviors of student’s parents (i.e., what parents should not do, please). I say, “dipped our toes” because we could have spent a lot more time discussing this important topic. Anyway, we concentrated on the parental … Read more

When do you cut off your kids financially?

This is a tough question. So many factors in play. Christina, Cara, Hank and I scratched the surface today on Real Talk. http://bit.ly/RTcuttingfinancialties Time didn’t allow for every scenario to be examined or a definitive conclusion to be reached, so comment and share your thoughts to allow others to benefit. Make the most of your … Read more

Raising Strong Women

What can we as adults do to help our young ladies become strong women? WOW! Love this topic! Real Talk today dove in (http://bit.ly/RTraisingstrongwomen) and came up with some solutions, but I’d like to add a few more (that can apply to boys too-FYI): rock who you are & role model that for those younger … Read more

Social Media & Mental Health

The effects of social media on our society has been the prevalent “hot topic” throughout the last year. All the research points to seriously negative effects of not moderating use of social media (especially for our young folks) … but it doesn’t seem to be changing our behaviors. So, again I participated in a panel … Read more