Raising Strong Women

What can we as adults do to help our young ladies become strong women? WOW! Love this topic! Real Talk today dove in (http://bit.ly/RTraisingstrongwomen) and came up with some solutions, but I’d like to add a few more (that can apply to boys too-FYI): rock who you are & role model that for those younger … Read more

Social Media & Mental Health

The effects of social media on our society has been the prevalent “hot topic” throughout the last year. All the research points to seriously negative effects of not moderating use of social media (especially for our young folks) … but it doesn’t seem to be changing our behaviors. So, again I participated in a panel … Read more

Children & Anxiety-On the Rise?

The Atl & Co Real Talk panel on Feb. 27th unanimously reported that they themselves have witnessed anxiety in children rising. The data is out there, but all you have to do is spend some time with kids and talk to their parents and you will know that we have a serious problem today. Unfortunately, … Read more

Do you annoy your Mom Friends?

In case you aren’t sure, let me start by defining what we mean by “Mom Friends”. Mom friends are those woman that we meet through our children and their activities. The ladies we find ourselves thrown together with, time after time, until we choose to call them friend! Romper did a study that reported many … Read more

Is Family Dinner Time Important?

Those of you who read my blogs regularly can surely predict my answer to this question … YES! YES! and YES! I believe dinner time, without electronics, can serve as a time of relaxation, information transfer,  and bonding (not to mention a great time to rejuvenate our bodies with some needed food). Coming together over … Read more

National Georgia Day- Who Knew?

I must admit, I had no idea there was such a thing as “National Georgia Day,” but obviously the folks at Atl & Co. did. And let me tell you, the questions on this game show we played were not easy! I was so glad to be the hostess, with the answers high-lighted on the … Read more