Teaching Realities of Living Expense

Recently a mother posted on FB that her 5-year old receives $7 a week in allowance and the daughter then has to give her $5 dollars back ($1 for rent $1 for water $1 for electricity $1 for cable, $1 for food, and $2 the daughter keeps to spend or save). This posting has created quite … Read more

Snow Days and Student Learning

  When you live in the south, “snow days” (or should I say “ice days”) bring great joy for teachers, parents and students … at least at first. However, when they are combined with holidays and become repetitive … learning starts to be effective and everyone starts to feel the stress. As a guest on … Read more


It’s the holidays and a time to be with family and friends so UNPLUG  and do just that … BE WITH family and friends.  I understand that in some cases. electronic contact is the only way to connect this season with long distances interfering with actually being with those  you love. However, the opportunity to … Read more

Real Talk: Tips for Wedding Guests

  Weddings aren’t like they use to be. Families don’t all live in the same towns, couples have set-up their homes before walking down the aisle and destinations for venues are not always close by. This has led guests to be uncertain about the rules and practices they should apply as an invitee. Here are … Read more

Real Talk: A Nagging Mom is a Plus

Did you have a nagging mom? Are you a nagging mom? Well, according to a recent study at University of Essex in England, being a nagging mom is a good thing (who knew?) The study showed that nagging actually produces more successful adults and less teen pregnancy. Sounds like a great thing to me! What do … Read more

School Progress Check on Atl & Co

School Progress Check on Atl & Co Online access to our children’s grades have made checking possible on a daily basis … but do we check often enough? Do we check on how things are going that are not academic? I would say checking grades daily is a bit obsessive, but with the  4 1/2 … Read more