Holiday Hectic vs. Rejuvenation

I have been MIA for several months now when it comes to my FB, Instagram, book PR, etc. My life brought distractions and activities that demanded my attention and frankly I must have needed the hiatus because I let the break from business happen without a thought.

After a recent discussion with a 15 year old about the craziness and pressures of November/December, I realized he was feeling like I felt this summer … just wanted to check out from the demands of life. This young man prompted this brief blog as I was compelled to share this reminder with the L.I.F.E. audience …

HOLIDAY HECTIC (i.e., life) is REAL, but we need to reduce it all we can and REJUVINATE

For yourself and your family, find a way to use some of the next 2 months to restore (that’s what I did this summer)!

As always, I’m especially tuned in to what our teenagers are going through these next two months. They most likely have additional school, job, relationship, chore, shopping, and social demands. (Sound familiar?)

Before things spiral, take a few minutes to reflect and discuss with your family some of the ways to reduce the anxiety, exhaustion, and stress associated with the holidays. Here are a few ideas:

  • plan ahead & organize (make To Do list)
  • expect delays in shipping & be grateful when things arrive on-time or early
  • keep to a budget & consider homemade gifts (fun to make and less expensive)
  • share feelings & tasks along the way (reach out to others as needed)
  • learn to say no & don’t feel obligated to do everything
  • eat & sleep well
  • take a walk (exercise) & breath (meditate)
  • keep it simple & focus on what really counts
  • watch a holiday movie with someone you love & put your feet up
  • share past holiday stories & recipes
  • do something charitable for others & be kind with your words
  • acknowledge that things don’t have to be perfect & appreciate the little wins

And remember to ask each person what they need and want for the season to make it special!

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