Printable Material


Book 3 – Simple Interest Calculator Whether you are borrowing or lending, a tool like this is useful.

Book 3 – AAA Car Loan Calculator See how much of a car you can afford and what monthly payments will be.

Book 3 – Personal Fact Sheet for Job Hunting Assemble all the needed information for completing a job application or writing a resume in one convenient place.

Book 3 – Blank Application Form Practice filling out an application form and apply guidelines learned in the book.

12 FREE At-Home Spring Break Ideas¬†Sheltering at home isn’t the Spring Break any of us had in mind. BUT, here are some ideas to make the week memorable!

Car Scavenger Hunt Open and print for a Spring Break activity (community permitting) or a future fun family day!

Book 1-Checklists Click the link and print off the checklists found throughout the book to keep track of the tasks and activities as a teen demonstrates mastery. The list will also serve as a reminder of knowledge and skills to be addressed. —¬†Intended to be used with the eBook version, but if you have a paperback book and don’t want to write in your book (or have multiple teens to keep track of) … this checklist will be awesome!

Book 2 – Additional Dining Vocab This link can be used to print off the additional dining vocabulary on page 1. Define the words associated with dining and check your answers on the subsequent pages.

CTAE Standards Correlation with L.I.F.E. – (for teachers) Click the link and see the standards you are teaching that are in the books. Page numbers given make it easy.