Teens Need Sleep

As a teen, the “no summer bedtime” (or wake-up time) expectations that my parents allowed for my brothers and myself was something I always cherished. However, as with all adult-like privileges in my house, this empowerment to decide when to head to bed and get up existed only as long as I wasn’t late for … Read more

Teaching Work Ethics

Loved the Real Talk panel discussion this week because not everyone agreed on all the points … which means more ideas for parents and mentors who were watching. If you missed it, take a look here http://bit.ly/RTWorkEthic Make the Most of Your Day! Twitter Pinterest Facebook https://www.instagram.com/beth_life_/

Navigating Friendships

Navigating friendships at any age can be tricky, but for our kids it can be a real learning curve. As parents and adult mentors, is there anything we can and should be doing? Real Talk dove into this yesterday and here is what was said … http://bit.ly/RTNavigatingFriendships What do you think? Make the most of … Read more

Teachers need parents to not …

Atl & Co’s Real Talk panelists dipped our toes into the biggest pet peeves of teachers when it comes to behaviors of student’s parents (i.e., what parents should not do, please). I say, “dipped our toes” because we could have spent a lot more time discussing this important topic. Anyway, we concentrated on the parental … Read more

When do you cut off your kids financially?

This is a tough question. So many factors in play. Christina, Cara, Hank and I scratched the surface today on Real Talk. http://bit.ly/RTcuttingfinancialties Time didn’t allow for every scenario to be examined or a definitive conclusion to be reached, so comment and share your thoughts to allow others to benefit. Make the most of your … Read more