Holiday Hectic vs. Rejuvenation

I have been MIA for several months now when it comes to my FB, Instagram, book PR, etc. My life brought distractions and activities that demanded my attention and frankly I must have needed the hiatus because I let the break from business happen without a thought. After a recent discussion with a 15 year … Read more

Introducing Money Management Skills to Teens (Part 6)

As parents, grandparents, mentors, and educators, I expect that you are well on your way to helping your teen(s) learn how to manage their finances. Congrats! Hopefully the previous five blogs during Finance February and March Money Madness have helped. Don’t hesitate to consult L.I.F.E.-Independence Readiness for additional content on this subject or reach out … Read more

Teens Need A Bank Account

With the holidays just around the corner, adults tend to start thinking about the spending that comes with this time of year. Whether it is the food, travel, decorations, or gifts … it can be a lot. Seems like a perfect time to get the teens on board with some of the same thought patterns! … Read more