Is Family Dinner Time Important?

Those of you who read my blogs regularly can surely predict my answer to this question … YES! YES! and YES!

I believe dinner time, without electronics, can serve as a time of relaxation, information transfer, 

and bonding (not to mention a great time to rejuvenate our bodies with some needed food). Coming together over a meal goes back in history forever and I believe it is even more important today than ever before. Even if it doesn’t happen every day, families (cause it has to be a combined effort … not just a parental one) NEED to gather together and talk over a meal. And it can be breakfast, if that works better for your crew … but make the effort often over one of the meal times.

Ask questions of the kids and let them hear about your day. Hearing what challenges and delights filled your day helps prepare kids for adulthood … just don’t forget to inquire about how things went for them. Talk about current events and let everyone have an opinion without judgment. I used to love asking, “What did you learn today?” Of course, my son tried to say, “Nothing!” … but I never let him off the hook with that lame reply so he finally learned to just tell me the first time around. Try it yourself. It is really fun and sometimes what kids learn wasn’t academic in nature at all. Sometimes they learn that a kid in class was mean or someone’s father died. Those answers to the question were just fine because he was talking and I was listening (the ultimate goal here) and you never know what little piece of information will take the whole family to a new topic or debate.

Enjoy this clip from Real Talk and comment back to tell me your thoughts on the subject  Family Dinner Time

Make the most of your day!

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