Is it OK to prioritize work over kids?

Maybe I am being naive to think that the majority of parents today DO NOT prioritize work over their kids. It may seem like that at times, but parents are juggling so many things everyday (in & out of the home) it just feels like work sometimes takes on a larger presence in our lives than we want it to. (And let’s be honest, we do spend more hours at traveling to and from our jobs and in the workplace than in our homes–if you don’t count sleep time.) Plus, work has deadlines and responsibilities that we don’t always have control over (i.e., someone else is pulling the stings and we just dance like a puppet until the music stops and we can readjust and breath). So, I get it. But, I truly believe our kids are always first in our hearts and minds, even if they can’t be first with our time.

Atl & Co’s Real Talk addressed this concept on July 9th and it is definitely worth your time to watch this clip Give yourself a break and let the guilt go. Share with your kids the fact that you want to be with them, but work is important too. And don’t forget to spell out the reasons you feel this way.

Real Talk Panel
July 9, 2019

“Cat’s in the Cradle” shouldn’t be your mantra, but I suggest playing it when you feel you are letting work overtake your universe. Kids grow-up so fast, and this song may help you slow down and prioritize differently at times.

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