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My brother-in-law tagged me on Facebook the other day with a post asking for opinions on whether “every High School should offer a Mandatory Class called ‘Life 101’ which is the basic crap you should know before you turn 18” (via  I didn’t even have to scroll to read more before replying “YES! YES! YES!”

Unfortunately, I am not in charge (although my family accuses me of trying to always be) and so I doubt that we will see this class on the high school course listing in any public or private school this coming school year. I hold out hope for the students who are being homeschooled as the decisions makers there really have their finger on the pulse of what individual students need and can control what is taught more readily.

When I actually got to looking at the post, I had to chuckle as the list of topics for this “Life 101” class included:

  1. balance a checkbook
  2. sew on a button
  3. hem pants
  4. change a car tire
  5. change your oil
  6. drive a stick shift
  7. do your taxes
  8. basic first aid
  9.  cook something besides Ramen or mac-n-chesse
  10. how to grow your own food
  11. knowing the difference between the cost of having a baby vs the cost of having an education

Every topic listed above is covered in my L.I.F.E. series except #6 and #10 … and I may have to find a place for learning to drive a stick shift in Book 2 or 3 cause I should have added it to the Home Topic in Book 1 — Opps!

Great timing Dan! As I read the comments from both the young and older adults, it provided me with yet another booster shot to confirm that I am not wasting my time writing these books. Adults need to be made aware of things our youth are not being taught these days and obviously the young adults would welcome the lessons.

I am hoping that as more people find out about this book series, they will share ideas with me of what topics need to be covered … in case, I overlook something. Send me emails gang … I promise to read them!

Make the most of your day!


6 thoughts on “LIFE 101”

  1. Basic table manners. How to make proper introductions. Look people in the eye when you talk with them. Don’t mix colors with whites. OK – that’s all for now!

    • Table manners, introductions, eye content … all subjects in Book 2 (Challenging Your Teen’s Social Skills). Dressing for Success … Book 3 (Challenging Your Teen’s Independence Readiness). Keep throwing ideas at me my friend. I don’t want to forget anything and I value all thoughts!!

  2. Great Topics! But I also thought voting should have been included, when do we learn what we’re classified as? Democrats or Republicans? How do we mail a ballot, where do w go to fill one out? Can’t wait to read the books!

    • Hadley,
      Actually, Book 1 does address voting briefly (under the Government chapter). Age, requirements, party affiliation, voting locations, and importance of voting are the first 5 questions. I love your idea about mailing a ballot though! I will have to include that in future updates. Never came to mind until recently that was something teens may need to need to know 🙂

      Tell others about the book series and thank you for commenting here!
      Beth Carey


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