Social Media Debate-Need Your Input

social media iconA friend shared this article . I felt it had some good points, although drawn out getting them across, I must warn. However, after reading it … I had to post the following comment for the author (I think I’m comment #41):

“It always comes back to moderation. Whether we are talking about eating, drinking, sex, or social media, we as a society need to find a balance. There were a lot of valid points in this article and I am most concerned about our youth today when it comes to NOT having balance.

I think our challenge is to help our adolescents today realize that the world doesn’t revolve around their phones. They need to look up and experience the world first hand. Better role-modeling from us adults sure would help … don’t you think?”

Funny how my mind always goes to the same points … are we as adults helping the new generation to be do life better than we are doing it?I’m like a broken record, but not willing to change as I believe it is so important. What do you think?

How do you set social media boundaries for yourself and your kids … or do you? I really would like to get responses on this as I will soon be writing the section on social media for L.I.F.E. Book 2. Please let me include what works for you so others may benefit. Comment here or send me an email at 

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