When do you cut off your kids financially?

This is a tough question. So many factors in play. Christina, Cara, Hank and I scratched the surface today on Real Talk. http://bit.ly/RTcuttingfinancialties Time didn’t allow for every scenario to be examined or a definitive conclusion to be reached, so comment and share your thoughts to allow others to benefit. Make the most of your … Read more

Raising Strong Women

What can we as adults do to help our young ladies become strong women? WOW! Love this topic! Real Talk today dove in (http://bit.ly/RTraisingstrongwomen) and came up with some solutions, but I’d like to add a few more (that can apply to boys too-FYI): rock who you are & role model that for those younger … Read more

Do you annoy your Mom Friends?

In case you aren’t sure, let me start by defining what we mean by “Mom Friends”. Mom friends are those woman that we meet through our children and their activities. The ladies we find ourselves thrown together with, time after time, until we choose to call them friend! Romper did a study that reported many … Read more

Marriage is Work

On Real Talk today, the panel discussed marriage instead of parenting and unanimously decided marriage is work! And I added, “It should be.” http://bit.ly/RTmarriageiswork As adults, we put a lot of effort and time into maintaining positive relationships with our friends and extended family. We give large amounts of kind words, thoughtfulness, understanding, and positive affirmation to … Read more

Shame on You for Shaming Others

Today on Real Talk, we discussed Parent Shaming which led to all kinds of examples of shaming (breast feeding, disciplining, Pinterest, food, etc.). And yes, we started our discussion by addressing the shaming that takes place on the social media platforms. However, shaming can be a suspect glance, an eye roll, or an unsolicited comment … Read more

Real Talk: A Nagging Mom is a Plus

Did you have a nagging mom? Are you a nagging mom? Well, according to a recent study at University of Essex in England, being a nagging mom is a good thing (who knew?) The study showed that nagging actually produces more successful adults and less teen pregnancy. Sounds like a great thing to me! What do … Read more

Celebrate Summer & Getting Ready

It is Friday and the last weekend before many teachers go back to school (at least in my area)-which means the kiddos follow very soon. Challenge Your Teen, tween, and youngster of any age, to join you doing something fun and engaging this weekend! (no extra friends or families … just “your gang”) I know … Read more

Bookstores … Alive & Well

With the on-slot of e-commerce and the ability to buy books (& most anything else, for that matter) on sites like Amazon, it was so refreshing to see all the people who visited Barnes & Noble at North Point Mall last Sunday. And what impressed me the most was the number of FAMILIES who came … Read more

Social Media Debate-Need Your Input

A friend shared this article http://www.copyblogger.com/social-media-debate/ . I felt it had some good points, although drawn out getting them across, I must warn. However, after reading it … I had to post the following comment for the author (I think I’m comment #41): “It always comes back to moderation. Whether we are talking about eating, drinking, sex, … Read more