Hats Off for Arnie

Hats Off!
Hats Off!

The world lost a great man this week. An icon. A King!

Whether you are a golf follower of not, you must be asking yourself this week the same question I have been asking myself …
“How is it, one person can make such an impact on so many generations?”  (While so many of us struggle to impact just a few individuals.)

I tend to believe it is because Arnold Palmer never forgot where he came from … a small town in Pennsylvania (just like me!). He didn’t leave his roots and the lessons of his youth behind, as fame and fortune consumed his world. Instead, he took the lessons taught to him at a young age and imparted those values and expectations on others. Such a commendable approach to life and one with a far reaching impact.

They say Arnie never met a stranger. He shared a smile and a handshake daily. He gave encouraging words consistently that carried others through the bad times. He would stop and talk to those in his “army” who followed him and those, who by good fortune, ended up on his same path. He would sign an autograph (a legible one at that!), and never hesitated to share a golf or life tip with anyone. Something as simple as always take your hat off in the clubhouse was his standard (one of my pet peeves too) and if a golfer would forget (or not know), Mr. Palmer would quickly correct the etiquette faux pas . His charitable contributions have changed people’s lives forever. He had a way of role modeling behaviors that more of us should emanate!

Arnold Palmer did not leave us having the best record in golf competition. He left us with lifetime of examples of how we too can make a difference while on this earth. Let’s try his way. Let’s demand our youth demonstrate kindness and manners with others. Learning more about his example this week as made this a new goal for me. Join me …

Let’s all take our HATS OFF for ARNIE and copy his way of life going forward!

Make the most of your day!

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