National Georgia Day- Who Knew?

I must admit, I had no idea there was such a thing as “National Georgia Day,” but obviously the folks at Atl & Co. did. And let me tell you, the questions on this game show we played were not easy! I was so glad to be the hostess, with the answers high-lighted on the … Read more

Love is in the Air!

The first L.I.F.E. Newsletter of the year when out earlier today. In it, I asked readers to share 4 things they love with me within the comment section of this blog so we can get to know each other better. Love is hopefully about loving others and oneself … then things (but that isn’t easy, is … Read more

Hallmark Holiday Movies

I’m addicted! The two Hallmark Holiday Movie channels have sucked me in again. How about you? And if you are like me, you may sat to yourself, “Why do I get hooked on these channels for a solid month or more? I need to get a life!”  Is it the escape of reality in this … Read more

Hats Off for Arnie

The world lost a great man this week. An icon. A King! Whether you are a golf follower of not, you must be asking yourself this week the same question I have been asking myself … “How is it, one person can make such an impact on so many generations?”  (While so many of us … Read more

New Development in Air Travel

Guess I’m just peeved this morning. Can air travel really be getting any more difficult or tricky?  The answer is YES! Start with the fact that air tickets are already expensive and so a traveler is already cranky (or at least I am). Add to that, you must either pack so efficiently that everything fits into … Read more

Since when is a teacher desk NOT off limits?

I don’t usually choose to rant in a blog, but I can’t help myself today. Have you heard about the teacher in Union County, SC? The 13-year veteran was forced to resign after a 16-year old student took her cell phone off her desk, took pictures of her private pictures, and shared them on social media. The … Read more

It’s a Reality!

Amazon has the paperback book listed and anyone can buy it!   Tis the season for miracles, for sure!! (lol)  Well, maybe not a true miracle, just seems like it to me. Two years in the making, but the dream has become a reality. L.I.F.E. is in print and not just in my head anymore. (The … Read more