Hallmark Holiday Movies

I’m addicted! The two Hallmark Holiday Movie channels have sucked me in again. How about you? And if you are like me, you may sat to yourself, “Why do I get hooked on these channels for a solid month or more? I need to get a life!” 

Is it the escape of reality in this busy time of the year people are seeking? Or perhaps it is knowing the movie will end “happily ever after” that we crave during a time of utter holiday turbulance in our own lives? It helps that the scenery in the movie towns will rival the best Christmas cards on the market and the characters always have a struggle that they overcome…how can you hate on that?

However, I believe that what I really like the most is the warm feelings I get when I watch one of these movies. I like the love, belief in Santa, hope, miracles, family, and friendships that triumph … no matter the odds (Plus, it always snows at the perfect moment!). And it doesn’t matter that the same scenarios, with slightly different twists, are repeated over and over. After two hours, I feel relaxed, happy, and at peace — isn’t that what this time of the year is really about?

So, I say, “BE PROUD IF YOU WATCH!” Drag a few other loved ones into the obsession and enjoy the escape. The new year with all the resolutions, expectations, and long winter days will be upon you soon enough.

Make the most of your day!

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