Love is in the Air!

The first L.I.F.E. Newsletter of the year when out earlier today. In it, I asked readers to share 4 things they love with me within the comment section of this blog so we can get to know each other better. Love is hopefully about loving others and oneself … then things (but that isn’t easy, is it?) and it is fun to see what others say.

Comment below by first stating your name (first only is fine). Then, within parenthesis, put the state you live in and follow with 4 things you love this month (in no certain order and by no means do they have to be your top 4). This is a great way for others to get to know something about how you think and feel. Plus, a year from now, we will be able to look back and see if you still feel the same way about these 4 things … after all, what we love can change as time goes by as life gives us more experiences and exposure to things. Enjoy!

Make the most of your day!

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