Hurdle 500 … Completed!

Ok … not 100% sure that my hurdle count of 500 is correct.  It feels like an infinite number of hurdles have come and gone over the past two years as I wrote this book. However, today’s accomplishment was so huge that I felt like it should be counted with some kind of number … since fireworks, skywriting or a parade didn’t seem feasible … I thought the number 500 would suffice and I would share with others.

See, today I finished the last edits for L.I.F.E. (Learning Information For Everyday) -Book 1 (Challenge Your Teen’s Basic Knowledge). That means that after one more read through, I will be able to upload the manuscript to the publisher. YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

This process has stretched me in ways I never thought possible. I have learned so much … yet have much learning still to come. Can’t even try to count the number of hours involved over the last 2 year. And as I reflect over the process tonight, I realize the biggest hurdle has not been content. It has been the battle with figuring out how to put into words the thoughts, feelings, observations, facts, and experiences I have had with teenagers. And finding a format that adults, in their busy lives, will find easy to read and use. 

Guess time will tell. I am looking forward to feedback (good and bad) once the book “hits the streets” in a few weeks. I will then apply the same format or make appropriate changes in Book 2 (Challenge Your Teen’s Social Skills).

Thanks for sharing in my excitement. I’m exhausted and look forward to sleep tonight.

Remember … make the most of you day!


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