My Writing Journey Continues …

Taking a detour this week from my normal theme about helping teens become confident and independent adults. (I’m sure some of you are relieved!) Thought I would share some insight about my personal writing journey since I last blogged on this topic in March. Basically, I can sum it all up with this one sentence … Read more

Forgot to Share Signing Event

Been so busy, I forgot to share some pictures from the Self-Published & Small Press Author Open House at Book Exchange in  Marietta. Gosh, people are so much fun even on a rainy, election day evening. Heard from 8 other authors and wish I had time to read every book. Cat Blanco (owner of Book Exchange) … Read more

Book Launch Party Afterthoughts

“What exactly is a book launch party?” “Why would I need or want one?” “Who would come?” “Why would they come?” “Where should it take place?” “What food and drink should I serve?” “Really, do I gotta do this??” — this was me. Whining. Unsure. Not liking the idea of being the center of attention. … Read more

Hurdle 500 … Completed!

Ok … not 100% sure that my hurdle count of 500 is correct.  It feels like an infinite number of hurdles have come and gone over the past two years as I wrote this book. However, today’s accomplishment was so huge that I felt like it should be counted with some kind of number … … Read more