Social Skills – Eyes Up & Shake Hands

A friend recently sent me an article that appeared in the AJC (Jobs section – 11/27/16) entitled “Manners and etiquette can help your career”  — hmmmm, sounds like the underlining theme in L.I.F.E. – Social Skills (book 2) and certainly got my attention to read more, so let me share. This article highlighted Mary Jean Billingsley’s workshop … Read more

Reunite with Family & Friends

I probably should be ashamed of how long it has been since I blogged. However, I have decided NOT to be because my time away from the computer has been so worthwhile.  This is what I want to share that with all my readers as we enter this week of Thanksgiving. See, I have had … Read more

What’s in Your Wallet?

If you lost your wallet today, could you list everything that was in it? The amount of money isn’t really the crucial thing, although you may feel that way. What is important is that each individual knows what is in their wallet in case it is stolen or misplaced. So, pose this question to the teens … Read more

30-year Old Checklist … Seriously?

Back in September, I had Live! with Kelly & Michael playing in the background while I did some kitchen chores. They started talking about the “30-year Old Checklist” and I was drawn to the family room to sit down and watch with full attention. One by one, Kelly started to list the things that every 30-year old … Read more